Professors (HAG Scale)

  • Deputy Director
    Data Mining, Web Services, Distributed Computing, Databases, Semantic Web
  • Affective Human Centered Computing, Big Data Analytics, Cognitive Hearing and Speech Science, Cloud/Edge/Fog Computing & QoS Aware Green Data Centers, IoT & Smart Building/Smart Campus/Smart City Applications, Social Multimedia/Network Analysis

Associate Professor

  • Head of the Department
    Cyber Security, Internet of Things (IoT), Precision Agriculture

Assistant Professors (Grade I)

  • Software Aging, Virtualization, Software Engineering, Software Architecture, Software Patterns, Requirements Engineering
  • Internet of Things, Wireless Sensor Networks, Mobile Adhoc Networks, Computer Networks
  • Nodal Officer (Atal Innovation Ranking ARIIA 2019, 2020 & 2021)
    Healthcare Analytics, Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval, Machine Learning
  • Data Mining, Soft Computing, Applying Data Mining Techniques to Biological Data
  • Natural Language Processing, Text Analytics, Information Retrieval, Machine Learning

Assistant Professors (Grade II)

  • Semantic Web Technologies, Machine learning, Cloud Computing
  • Block Warden - Trishul Block
    Blockchain Technology, 5G and Beyond Wireless Sensor Networks, Mobile Adhoc Networks. Swarm Intelligence and Bio-Inspired Computing
  • Future Internet and its security, Computer networks, Information Security, Android Security Issues, Internet of Things, Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Geoscience and Spatial Data Mining, Graph Analytics

Adjunct Professors


Adhoc Faculty Members (Aug-Dec 2021)



Details of Project Staff


NameKarthik K

Designation:   Senior Research Fellow

Project:    DST-ECR project on "A Deep Learning based Framework for Intelligent Healthcare Applications"

Principal Investigator:    Sowmya Kamath S

Sanction No:   ECR/2017/001056

Duration:   2017 - 2020


Name of Student Categorysort descending Supervisor(s) Area of Interest
Amitkumar Gundad Part Time Ananthanarayana V S Application of ML in Engineering Education, ICT in Education, Learning Analytics
Anusha R Full Time Jaidhar C. D. Image Processing, Machine Learning
Archana Bhat Full Time Geetha V. Wireless Sensor Networks, Internet of Things
Chaithra Full Time Biju R Mohan Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing
Dinesh Naik Part Time Jaidhar C. D. Web Semantics
Hariharan R L Full Time Anand Kumar M Machine Learning, Data Analytics
Karthik K Part Time Sowmya Kamath S Medical Informatics, Machine Learning, Deep learning,
Kiran B R Part Time Kiran M Blockchain Technology and IoT
Madhusmita Das Full Time Biju R. Mohan, Ram Mohana Reddy Guddeti Deep Learning
Mummadi Swathi Full Time Bhawana Rudra Quantum Computing, Fast Computing
Nagaraj Naik Full Time Biju R Mohan Time Series Analysis, GARCH, Machine Learning
Natesha B. V. Full Time Ram Mohana Reddy Guddeti Cloud Computing, Fog Computing
Prajna Udupa Full Time Nagamma Patil Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Mining
Pratiksha R. Gawas Part Time Sowmya Kamath S. Medical Image Analysis, Deep Learning
Praveen M Naik Full Time Bhawana Rudra Block Chain, Network Security, Internet of Things
Priyadarshini R Full Time Sowmya Kamath S. Image Processing, Spatial Image Processing
Raghu T V Full Time Kiran M 5G Technology
Rahul Kumar Full Time Kiran M, Ram Mohana Reddy Guddeti 5G Smart City
Rajesh Nayak Full Time Jaidhar C. D. Machine Learning and Deep Learning
Ramu S Full Time Ram Mohana Reddy Guddeti, Biju R. Mohan IoT for Smart City Applications
Ramya D Shetty Full Time Shrutilipi Bhattacharjee Spatial Data Mining, Data Science
Ranjit P Kolkar Full Time Geetha V Affective Computing, Internet of Things
Rashmi M Full Time Ram Mohana Reddy Guddeti Computer Vision, Internet of Things, Deep Learning
Reshma U Full Time Sowmya Kamath S, Ananthanarayana V. S. Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning
Richard Saldanha Full Time Ananthanarayana V.S, Anand Kumar M Natural Language Processing, Machine Translation, Web Services
Salvi Sanket Sarang Full Time Geetha V. Internet of Things, Cloud Computing
Sandhya S Part Time Geetha V Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Image Processing
Sapna S Part Time Biju R Mohan Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Image Processing
Shankaranarayan N M.Tech (Research) Sowmya Kamath S Data Science, Computational Intelligence
Shashank Shetty Full Time Ananthanarayana V. S. Cloud Computing, Natural Language processing, Big Data Analytics
Shruti Jalapur Part Time Nagamma Patil Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence , Parallel Computing,IOT
Sona Mundody Full Time Ram Mohana Reddy Guddeti Natural Language Processing, Internet of Things
Spurthy Maria Pais Full Time Shrutilipi Bhattacharjee, Anand Kumar M Machine Learning, Deep Learning for spatial data
Sudhakar B Full Time Shrutilipi Bhattacharjee Geoscience and Spatial Data Mining, Deep Learning
Sujatha M Full Time Jaidhar C. D. Wireless Networks
Sunil C K Full Time Jaidhar C. D., Nagamma Patil Machine Learning and Deep Learning
Supreetha R Full Time Sowmya Kamath S. Machine Learning, Deep Learning
Thaker Pragnesh V Full Time Biju R Mohan Deep Learning
Tulasi Gayatri Devi Part Time Nagamma Patil Web Mining, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics
Tyson Baptist D Cunha Full Time Kiran M Internet of Things, Blockchains, Computer Networks
Veena Mayya Full Time Sowmya Kamath S. Deep Learning, GPU Programming
Vijetha U Full Time Geetha V Computer Vision,Image Processing


IT Students


B.Tech (Information Technology)

Batch 2016 - 2020  (Second year students)

Batch 2015 - 2019  (Third year students)

Batch 2014 - 2018  (Final year students)

Batch 2013 - 2017  (Graduates of 2017 batch)

Batch 2012 - 2016  (Graduates of 2016 batch)

Batch 2011 - 2015 (Graduates of 2015 batch)


M.Tech (Information Technology)

Batch 2017 -2019 (First year students)

Batch 2016 -2018 (Second year students)

Batch 2015 -2017 (Graduates of 2017 batch)

Batch 2014 - 2016 (Graduates of 2016 batch)

Batch 2013 - 2015 (Graduates of 2015 batch)

Batch 2012 - 2015 (HTTA - TEQIP II)


Ph.D (Information Technology)   

Phd Students


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