Sponsored Research Projects


Name of Project

Sponsoring Agency



Principal Investigators

Microsoft AI for Earth Grant Microsoft US $15,000 2022-2023 Sowmya Kamath S and Shrutilipi Bhattacharjee
Google Cloud COVID-19 Research Grant  Google Inc US $10,600 2020-2021 Sowmya Kamath S
Google Cloud COVID-19 Research Grant Google Inc US $9,100 2020-2021 Neelima B
Young Faculty Research Fellowship Visweswaraya PhD Scheme for Electronics & IT Rs. 14.98 Lakhs 2019-2021 Geetha V

A Framework for Deep Learning based Analytics for Intelligent Healthcare Applications

DST-SERB Early Career Research Grant

Rs. 35 Lakhs


Sowmya Kamath S.

Effective Online Framework Solution for Protein Sequence Alignment and to Predict Protein Structure & its subcellular localization using Amino Acid Molecules Vision Group on Science and Technology,  Govt. of Karnataka Rs. 5 Lakhs 2018-2019 Nagamma Patil
Smart HCC: Automated Health Care Centre Activities Institute Research Grant Rs. 5 Lakhs 2017-2018 G. Ram Mohana Reddy and T.P. Ashok Babu

Quality of Service Aware Routing in MANETs

MHRD, Rajeev Gandhi National Research Fellowship

Rs. 8 Lakhs


Kiran Manjappa 

Content Based Video Copy Detection and Prevention of In-Theater Piracy

DST, Women Scientist Research Fellowship

Rs. 30 Lakhs


R. Roopalakshmi (Guide: G. Ram Mohana Reddy)

Development of Web Based Course Material on Distributed Computing Systems MHRD NPTEL Rs. 3.5 Lakhs 2012-2013 Ananthanarayana V.S.

Security Issues in Wireless Sensor Networks

Startup Grant, NITK

Rs. 5 Lakhs


Geetha V.

High Performance Computing

Startup Grant, NITK

Rs. 5 Lakhs


Prakash S. Raghavendra

Multicore Optimization

IBM Faculty Award

US $10,000


Prakash S. Raghavendra

Distributed Computing and Web Services Startup Grant, NITK Rs. 5 Lakhs 2007-2010 Ananthanarayana V.S.
Multi-database Data Mining MHRD (R & D) Rs. 8 Lakhs 2004-2007 Ananthanarayana V.S.


Consultancy and Other Projects taken up by Faculty Members




 SANCTIONED AMOUNT DURATION                                       
Anand Kumar M Structured content extraction from preformatted documents and study materials Edumeister, USA Rs. 1.18 Lakhs 2020
Biju R. Mohan, Sowmya Kamath S DASA Admission Process Management MHRD   2019, 2020
Ananthanarayana V.S. Convener, NITK MIS Project (Academic Centric Student  Information System- ACSIS) NITK Rs. 54 Lakhs 2016-ongoing
Biju R Mohan Co-convener, Technical Committee,  NITK MIS Project (IRIS) NITK -do- -do-

Sowmya Kamath S; 

Member of Technical Committee, NITK MIS Project (IRIS); Technical Lead for IRIS Modules

NITK -do- -do-
Ananthanarayana V.S Convener, CCMT 2016 (Centralized Counselling for M.Tech./M.Arch./M.Plan. Admissions) MHRD Rs 4.5 crores 2015-16
Ananthanarayana V.S., Biju R Mohan Automated DASA Admission Process (annual) MHRD Rs. 20 Lakhs 2011-14
Ananthanarayana V.S. Development of Web Based Course Material on Distributed Computing Systems MHRD-NPTEL Rs. 3.5 Lakhs 2012-13
Prakash S Raghavendra Technical support for AIEEE Admission Process MHRD   2012
Ananthanarayana V.S. Member of the Information Technology Expert             Committee (ITEC)

Hubli Electricity                     Supply Company Ltd

  2011-to date
Ananthanarayana V.S. Graphics System Design (Development Of Graphics Lab) MHRD Rs. 6 Lakhs 1993-96






Industry/Institute Interaction

The Department is actively nurturing interaction between reputed academic and industry organizations. These are manifested in the form of students projects, student/faculty visits, internships, practical training and MoUs among others. Students benefit from an exposure to professional and research environments at other organizations. Also, interaction with global organizations in providing a global outlook to a student's mindset and work ethics. 

Some of the activities carried out - 

  • Memoranda of Understanding between the department and industries on areas of mutual interest

- Hewlett Packard Enterprise - NITK MoU (2019 - 2024)

- RDL Mangalore-IT Department (2018- 2021)

- Accenture Bombay – NITK MoU (2008 for 1 year)

- Dell India R&D Centre, Bangalore (2012)

- EMC Bangalore (2008 for 2 years)

- HP Bangalore (2008)

- Pennsylvania State University (PSU) (2008 for 5 years)

  • Organizing Workshops in joint participation of faculty and Academic/Industry organizations.
  • Inviting professionals from industry to visit the department to deliver expert lectures

  • Participation of experts from industry in curriculum development.

  • Visits of faculty members to various industry and academic organizations

  • Professional consultancy by the faculty to Industry organizations through sponsored projects.

  • PG projects/dissertation work in Industry/Academic organizations under joint guidance of IT faculty and other experts from industry/academia.

  • Practical training and Internship work of students in Industry/Academic organizations in India and abroad.

Internship Data


Research Groups 

The faculty and Ph.D/PG and UG students of the Department of Information Technology are actively involved in research in their areas of interest, and several research groups have been set up to promote an sustaining research culture in specialized areas. 


Data Science and Engineering Research Group (DSEG)

Website:   http://dseg.nitk.ac.in

Faculty Members:    Ananthanarayana V.S

                                   Sowmya Kamath S


Green Cloud Computing Research Group (GCCG)

Website:  http://gccg.nitk.ac.in

Faculty Member:    G. Ram Mohana Reddy


Healthcare Analytics and Langauge Engineering (HALE Lab)

Website:   https://halelabnitk.github.io/

Faculty member:   Sowmya Kamath S


Human Centered Computing Group (HCCG)

Website:  http://hccg.nitk.ac.in

Faculty Member:    G. Ram Mohana Reddy


IoT and Data Analytics Research Group (IoT-DA)

Website ~to be updated~

Faculty Member:    Geetha V

                                Sowmya Kamath S

Recent Publications 


Year 2020                       Journals            Conferences

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Year 2014                       Journals            Conferences

Year 2013                       Journals            Conferences

Year 2012                       Journals            Conferences

Year 2011                       Journals            Conferences




Patents Granted 

Patent Number 374782
Application Number 201641025735
Filing date 27/07/2016
Date of grant 18/08/2021
Applicant (s) National Institute of Technology Karnataka
1. Prof. Ananthanarayana V.S
2. Sakthi Murugan R.

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