Journal Publications in 2022



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  2. Rashmi M and Ram Mohana Reddy Guddeti, "Human Identification System Using 3D Skeleton-Based Gait Features and LSTM Model", Elsevier Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation, Vol. 82, January 2022, 103416 (First Online Jan. 4, 2022)  (SCI/Scopus).

  3. Archana Bhat and Geetha V HopCount, ETX and ENERGY Selection Based Objective Function (HEE_OF), Int. J. of Wireless and Mobile Computing (IJWMC), Inderscience (2022)

  4. Sujan Reddy, Akashdeep S, Harshvardhan A, Sowmya Kamath S, “Stacking Deep learning and Machine Learning models for Short-term Energy Consumption Forecasting”, Advanced Engineering Informatics. Elsevier, 2022, ISSN: 0167-947, IF 5.603 (SCIE, Scopus)

  5. Shubham Agrawal, Aastha Chowdhary, Saurabh Agarwala, Veena Mayya, Sowmya Kamath S, “Deep Convolutional Neural Models for Content-based Medical Image Retrieval for Lung Diseases”, Journal of Information Technology, Springer

  6. Subhadeep Sengupta; Veena Mayya; Sowmya Kamath S., “Detection of Bradycardia from Electrocardiogram Signals using Feature Extraction and Snapshot Ensembling”, Journal of Information Technology, Springer

  7. Karthik K and Sowmya Kamath S, “MSDNet: A Deep Neural Ensemble Model for Abnormality Detection and Classification from Plain Radiographs" Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing, Springer Hiedelberg, ISSN: 1868-5145 (SCI, IF 7.104) 

  8. Karthik K, Sowmya Kamath S, "Swarm Optimization Based Bag of Visual Words Model for Content-Based X-Ray Scan Retrieval", International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology (IJBET),  Inderscience., ISSN: 1752-6418, 2022 (ESCI & Scopus)

  9. Veena Mayya; Sowmya Kamath S; Uma Kulkarni; Divyalakshmi Kaiyoor Surya; U Rajendra Acharya, “An empirical study of preprocessing techniques with convolutional neural networks for accurate detection of chronic ocular diseases using fundus images”, Springer Applied Intelligence, ISSN: 1573-7497 , (SCI, IF 5.086) 

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  12. Benakappa, S.M., Kiran, MEnergy Aware Stable Multipath Disjoint Routing Based on Accumulated Trust Value in MANETs (2022) International Journal of Computer Network and Information Security, 14 (4), pp. 14-26

  13. M. Swathi and B. Rudra, "A Novel Approach for Asymmetric Quantum Error Correction With Syndrome Measurement," in IEEE Access, vol. 10, pp. 44669- 44676, 2022

  14. Swathi Mummadi, and Bhawana Rudra. "An efficient approach for quantum entanglement purification." in International Journal of Quantum Information (2022): 2250004. 



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