• Professor and Dean (Research & Consultancy)
    Data Mining, Web Services, Distributed Computing, Databases , Big Data Analytics, Semantic Web
  • Assistant Professor
    Future Internet and its security, Computer networks, Information Security, Android Security Issues, Internet of Things, Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Assistant Professor
    Software Aging, Virtualization, Software Engineering, Software Architecture, Software Patterns, Requirements Engineering
  • Assistant Professor
    Semantic Web Technologies, Machine learning, Cloud Computing
  • Professor and Head of the Department
    Affective Human Centered Computing, Big Data Analytics,Cognitive Hearing and Speech Science, Cloud/Edge/Fog Computing and QoS Aware Green Datacenters, Internet of Things and Smart Building/Smart City Applications, Social Network Analysis
  • Assistant Professor
    Wireless Sensor Networks, Mobile Adhoc Networks, Computer Networks
  • Assistant Professor
    Cryptography and Network Security, Computer Networks and Information Security, Security Issues in Voice over IP and Cloud Computing.
  • Assistant Professor
    Wireless Sensor Networks and MANETs, Bio-inspired Computing, Soft Computing
  • Assistant Professor
    Data Mining, Soft Computing, Applying Data Mining Techniques to Bioinformatics
  • Assistant Professor
    Service oriented Computing, Natural Language Processing and Understanding, Machine Learning, Semantic Web Technologies, Big Data Analytics


Adjunct Faculty Members 

Dr. Prakash S Raghavendra (PMTS, AMD India) 

Dr. Sidney David Rosario


Name of Student Category Supervisor(s) Area of Interest
Anusha R Full Time Jaidhar C. D. Image Processing, Machine Learning
Archana Bhat Full Time Geetha V. Wireless Sensor Networks, Internet of Things
Ashwin T. S. Full Time G. Ram Mohana Reddy Affective Computing, Human Computer Interaction, Internet of Things
Dinesh Naik Part Time Jaidhar C. D. Web Semantics
Gokul S Krishnan Full Time Sowmya Kamath S. Healthcare Analytics, Big Data Analytics, Natural Language Processing
Karthik K Part Time Sowmya Kamath S Information Retrieval, Healthcare Analytics, Machine Learning
Karthik N Full Time Ananthanarayana V. S. Semantic Web, Pervasive Computing
Manjunath Vanahalli Full Time Nagamma Patil Data Mining
Nagaraj Naik Full Time Nagamma Patil Data Mining
Natesha B. V. Full Time G. Ram Mohana Reddy Qos, Network Aware Green Cloud Computing
Rathinaraja Jeyaraj Full Time Ananthanarayana V. S. Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning Algorithms
Sakthi Murugan R Part Time Ananthanarayana V. S. Semantic Web Search, Semantic Web, Information retrieval, Linked Data.
Salvi Sanket Sarang Full Time Geetha V. Internet of Things, Cloud Computing
Sanjay S Bankapur Full Time Nagamma Patil Data Mining, Machine Learning, Proteomics
Shashank Shetty Full Time Ananthanarayana V. S. Web Service, Cloud Computing, Natural Language processing, Big Data Analytics
Shiva Darshan S L Full Time Jaidhar C. D. Virtualization and Computer Networks
Shridhar Sanshi Full Time Jaidhar C. D. Virtualization and Computer Network
Tulasi Gayatri Devi Full Time Nagamma Patil Web Mining, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics


IT Students


B.Tech (Information Technology)

Batch 2016 - 2020  (Second year students)

Batch 2015 - 2019  (Third year students)

Batch 2014 - 2018  (Final year students)

Batch 2013 - 2017  (Graduates of 2017 batch)

Batch 2012 - 2016  (Graduates of 2016 batch)

Batch 2011 - 2015 (Graduates of 2015 batch)


M.Tech (Information Technology)

Batch 2017 -2019 (First year students)

Batch 2016 -2018 (Second year students)

Batch 2015 -2017 (Graduates of 2017 batch)

Batch 2014 - 2016 (Graduates of 2016 batch)

Batch 2013 - 2015 (Graduates of 2015 batch)

Batch 2012 - 2015 (HTTA - TEQIP II)


Ph.D (Information Technology)   

Phd Students


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