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Topics in Bio-Inspired Computing (IT924)



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Life: Life and Information, Logical Mechanisms of Life; Computation: Universal Computation and Computability, Simulations and Realizations; Limitations of Life: Computational Beauty of Nature, Bio-inspired computing, Natural computing, Biology through the lens of computer science; Complex Systems and Artificial Life: Complex Networks, Self-Organization and Emergent Complex Behavior, Cellular Automata, Boolean Networks, Development and Morphogenesis, Open- ended evolution; Evolutionary Algorithms: Evolution and Adaptation, Genetic Algorithms, Genetic Programming, Differential Evolution; Collective Behavior and Swarm Intelligence: Social Insects, Stigmergy and Swarm Intelligence, Competition and Cooperation, Communication and Multi-Agent simulation, Meta- Heuristics: Ant Colony Optimization, Artificial Bee Colony algorithm, Bat-Termite Algorithm Particle Swarm Optimization, Cat Swarm Optimization, Glowworm swarm optimization, Grey-Wolf Optimization, Wolf-pack Optimization, Multi-Swarm Optimization; Immuno-Computing: Artificial immune systems, Distributed Design for Computational Intelligence, Engineering Application.


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Flake, G. W. [1998], "The Computational Beauty of Nature: Computer Explorations of Fractals, Complex Systems and Adaptation", MIT Press.


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