Course Name: 

Quantum Computing (IT437)


B.Tech (AI)


Programme Specific Electives (PSE)

Credits (L-T-P): 

(3-0-2) 4


History of quantum computation and quantum information, Future directions, Basic Mathematics: Linear operators and matrices, Tensor products, Operator functions. Quantum Logics: QISKIT, Introduction to Qubit, Single qubit operation, Multiple Qubit operation, Single qubit gates, Multiple qubit Gates, Controlled Not gate, Swap gate, Toffoli gate, Universal quantum gates. Quantum Algorithms and Applications: The quantum search algorithm, Quantum search as a quantum simulation, Quantum counting, Speeding up the solution of NP complete problem, Quantum search of an unstructured database, Optimality of the search algorithm.


Michael. A. Nielsen and I. L. Chuang, Quantum Computation and Quantum information, Cambridge University Press 2000.
Bellac Michel Le, “A short introduction to quantum information and quantum computation”, Cambridge University Press, 2006
Vishal Sahni, “Quantum Computing”, Tata McGrawHill, 2007.
Richard L. Liboff, Introductory Quantum Mechanics, Pearson, Fourth Edition (2003).
QISKIT textbook:


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