Course Name: 

Genetic Algorithms (IT427)


B.Tech (AI)


Programme Specific Electives (PSE)

Credits (L-T-P): 

(3-0-2) 4


Introduction, Possible Applications, Pros and Cons, Principles of Evolutionary Processes and Genetics Introduction to Evolutionary Computation: Biological and artificial evolution, evolutionary computation and AI, different historical branches of EC, a simple genetic algorithm. Search Operators: Crossover, mutation, crossover and mutation rates, Crossover for real-valued representations, mutation for real-valued representations, combinatorial GA, Selection Schemes: Fitness proportional selection and fitness scaling, ranking, tournament selection, selection pressure and its impact on evolutionary search. Theoretical Analysis of Evolutionary Algorithms: Schema theorems, convergence of the algorithms, computational time complexity of the algorithms, no free lunch theorem. Search Operators and Representations: Mixing different search operators, adaptive representations. Niching and Speciation: Fitness sharing, crowding and mating restriction. Constraint Handling: Common techniques, penalty methods, repair methods, Deb's penalty parameter method. Multiobjective evolutionary optimization: Pareto optimality, multi-objective evolutionary algorithms: MOGA, NSGA-II, etc. Applications of GA in engineering problems, job-shop scheduling and routing problems. Evolutionary robotics and evolutionary hardware: Evolving control. Evolving morphology. Body-brain co-evolution. Evolution in simulation and in reality. The case for and against simulation.


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Jacob, C., 2001. Illustrating Evolutionary Computation with Mathematica. Morgan Kaufmann.


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